Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Fun: Chemical Reactions

Cleaning pennies doesn't sound like much fun, does it? But it is! Trust me! 
The BB Boys loved watching the chemical reaction occur before they sat down to scrub their old dingy looking pennies until they were bright, shiny, and new looking. The best part though was the 20 minutes of bliss that it brought to me. No bickering, no whining, nothing, not even one peep came out of them! It was amazing! 
Science Lesson:
Catalyst: something that speeds up a chemical reaction. In this reaction the salt is the catalyst.
Chemical Reaction: When two molecules come together to form something new.
Molecule: the smallest unit of a compound that has the chemical and physical properties of that compound.
What is produced from this reaction: In short, this reaction is producing carbon dioxide, the gas that is used to create carbonation, hence the fizziness. 

Use this same method to clean your stove top and watch the baked on gunk magically (okay, maybe not so magically since you do have to scrub it a bit) disappear! 
Awesome Tips for Cleaning Your Gas Stove Top

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