Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Fun: A Treasure Hunt!

The treasure map that I made for the BB Boys to follow.


  1. such a great idea! I was just looking for a scavenger hunt idea for kids in my neighbourhood when they come over for a BBQ. Thanks!

  2. It would be a lot of fun for a neighborhood BBQ! I hope that they all have fun!

  3. This is AHMAZING... Truly your kids are blessed to have such a fun mom. I thank you for your wonderful ideas, they do not come to me as often.

    1. Thank you Brandie! I try to have fun with the kids because that is what I want them to remember, however I highly doubt that they think that I am fun. If you were to ask them, they would most likely tell you that I am SO mean to them because I haven't let them watch TV in a week! Lol It's a lot more work for me to keep them all busy, especially when they begin to fight, but I think that they will have so many more special memories this way.