Friday, August 17, 2012


Oh Wee One,

My heart can't handle it when it is constantly jumping into my throat. I am old you know,  I could keel over at any minute, just ask your brothers. All right, all catholic guilt aside,  when I sit in the crowd and watch you streak across the lawn at your high school graduation, I would really love to have people say to you, "That's your mom? She looks young enough to be your sister!" Hey, I'll only be 44, it could happen! With enough Botox…So please Wee One, stop jumping off of the couch every time that I turn around, poop in your diaper instead of the shower, and stop falling over just to make people laugh! Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top!!


Your Fearful, "Over-Protective", Half Crazed Momma

P.S. I am totally kidding about the streaking thing…Don't do that…ever…I am mean it…NEVER EVER. You keep that cute little booty of yours clothed until you are 30! Yes child, I said 30!!

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