Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Military Life

I haven’t always been the best military wife. I’ve been known to say things like:

“General who? I don’t care who he is. Why does he get to keep his grass green? We’re in a drought, you know.” 

“13:…what? Could you speak in civilian terms, please?”

“Let’s remember that I’m NOT the one in the military. I can do what I please, thank you.”

“I swear to God, I don’t care who he is, if he says one more thing to you I’m going to go bat s$!t crazy on him.”

“They’re moving us when?! That’s six-months early though!! What about MY plans?! What about MY career?!”

No matter how defiant I am about the military rules that my husband has to live by. And no matter how upset I may get when the military changes their plans for us. I’m. Still. Thankful.

My family has seen an enormous part of our beautiful country. We’ve lived in multiple states and experienced the differences in cultures throughout the various regions of the land of the free and the brave.

That word: Brave. It really does describe our military members, by-the-way.

I’ve stood in honor of our fallen. I’ve watched their mothers cry as they pass by us, waving their hands to say thank you for honoring their sons.

I’ve seen the burn scars, the mutilation, and the lost limbs that so many of our soldiers have endured.  Take a trip to a military hospital and you’ll never question our military members' commitment to our country. These men and women define the word brave.

We live on a military base. The culture has become ingrained into my children and me. We live and breathe military life. We know that at 1730 the national anthem will blare over the entire base, so we stop our car if we’re driving. Or, if we’re outside playing, we all, even my two-year-old, will stop what we are doing and face the flag with our hands over our hearts.

Our morning alarm is Reveille. It plays at 0630 sharp, and we know that it’s time for bed when Taps is played at 2200.

My kids understand what war is more than most kids their ages. They see the effects of it on the soldiers around town. There isn’t any hiding it. Yet, they want to be just like them one day.

We are a military family, and even though I complain, I’ll miss this chapter of our lives when it’s over.

Are you a military spouse? What will you miss most about it once your family moves on?

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  1. I am a brand new military spouse, and I love it! We just got married in June, so I am excited to go through this adventure with my husband. I look forward to reading your blog!